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Thursday, August 9, 2012

How to do Crochet Poncho

This poncho is very easy to make. Made this one for my 12 year old grandson. He wears a size 14-16 in boys. I made this one to fit a little bit large so it should also fit a small adult.

For the finished product I used worsted weight
 yarn and a size J (6mm) crochet hook.

Main color: Red Heart Super Saver 16oz dk blue
                  Red Heart Super Saver   7oz turqua                          
                  Red Heart Super Saver   7oz white                                    

Loosely chain 56, slip stitch to form ring.

Round 1:  Chain 1, with main color, sc in each chain.           (56 sc). Slip stitch in 1st sc.

Round 2: Chain 3 (beginning half double crochet made) half double crochet in each stitch. (56 half double crochet). slip stitch in top of beg. chain 3).

Round 3: Chain 5. (beg. double crochet and first chain two space made). Double crochet in same stitch. (First corner made.) Double crochet in next 14 stitches; 1 double crochet, chain 2, 1 double crochet in next stitch. 14 dc, 1 dc chain 2 1 dc, repeat till end of round. Slip Stitch to 3 chain in beginning corner. (62 hdc and 4 chain 2 spaces)

Rounds 4,5,6,7 Repeat round 3 (gaining 8 stitches in each round).

Round 8: Join White, chain 3 (first sc and chain 2 space made) Sc in same stitch and in each double crochet on previous round (corners sc, chain 2, sc).

Round 9: repeat round 8.

Round 10: With main color dc (corners 1 dc, chain 2, dc).

Round 11 and 12: With Turqua, repeat 8 and 9.

Round 13: repeat round 10.

Round 14 and 15, with White repeat rd 9 and 10.

Round 16, 17 and 18, repeat round 10.

Round 19 and 20: repeat 12 and 13.

Round 21 and 22: repeat 8 and 9.

Round 23 and 24: repeat 12 and 13.

Round 25, 26 and 27: repeat round 10.

Repeat rounds 8 through 27 one more time.

For border, 2 rounds of sc in each stitch. Fasten off. Weave in ends.

Attach fringe. Cut strips of yarn twice the amount of desired length. Fold in half. Insert hook from front to back ( both loops of ending round), pull loop through, catch strands with hook and pull through loop. I used 1 strand about 7 inches long in each stitch. If you desire a fuller or longer fringe, use 2 strands, cut to desired length.

This pattern can be easily adjusted or size. When adding chains to beginning chain, make sure the number of chains is in multiples of 4, so you can divide evenly for each of the 4 sides. It is also a good project for using remnant yarn.


  1. It looks so nice and the colours you have used looks lively and bright. I appreciate that you have shared the pattern for crochet. I will make it for my daughter.

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