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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Spring Flower Granny Square Shoulder Bag

Part 2: Making the Bag

Sorry, it took me a bit longer than anticipated  to post the pattern for the bag. I've been a bit under the weather and a little slow in getting things done. This is a cute bag to take to the beach or the pool. It consists of 16 Granny Squares with center flower (see previous post). For my bag I used Hobby Lobby's I love this yarn in several colors. I used 4 different colors for the flowers in the square and the coordinating Ombre (Seaside) to compliment my colors. The white was worked with Red Heart Super Soft. I used a size H hook. Gauge is not important. This is a great stash bust project.
My finished bag measured: 16 inches deep (from top of peak to bottom of bag) and 13 1/2 inches wide.      

The most difficult part is the assembly of the squares. I took a lot of pictures of this process to make it as easy as possible. 
Work 16 squares, weave in loose ends.

This bag is assembled in a pin wheel fashion. First, sew 4 of your squares together to create the bottom center square. Lay out your pattern as pictured below.

Sew the center 4 pieces together. When laying out your pattern, keep in mind that the 2nd square in a row will be folded and attached to the empty space of your center square. The center square will the the folded bottom of the bag when it is fully assembled. This is helpful to remember, when laying out different colored squares. 
Hint: Before sewing the pieces together I recommend pinning or basting the squares with large running stitches of a contrasting color. It is easier to pull one unsecured piece of string than it is to take apart securely stitched squares.

Test the layout of your squares before sewing them together. If you are satisfied with your color layout. Securely attach the squares. I do a flat seem by holding squares right side together and whip stitch only the outside loops of the sc's on both squares. See: 
You can also crochet a flat seam using this tutorial:

Once you have all of the squares secured into the pinwheel, it is time to attach the rows. Start by folding one row onto the next in this manner. (see picture above). The square in the center will be folded in half. Remember, the finished bag will have peaks and is not a rectangle. The extra square in the row will create one of the peaks. Again, I  recommend basting all of the rows before sewing. 

This is how your bag should look with 3 of the seems attached. Remember, when assembling the rows, the 4th square of the row, will become the 3rd square in the next row. 

Wrong side of bag with all of the squares fully attached. 

Once all of the squares a securely sewn together, remove all basting stitches and dew in any loose ends. Now it is time to attach the handles and finish the top of the bag. 

Handles and top of bag: Attach yarn to center single crochet of any peak. (see photo below).

Chain 55 and attach to center single crochet in next peak. Break yarn. Repeat for other side (handle). Do not break yarn. At this point I do need to offer an apology. I am unable to give any stitch counts from this point on. My notes on this were written on the back of a pattern instead of my notebook. I cleaned off my desk and sent a bunch of papers through the shredder. Since the top of the bag is very easy to do and I have photos for the instructions, I didn't have the heart to undo all of my hard work and re-write the pattern for this. 

The top of the bag and the handles are worked in continues rounds. Once you attach the chain 55 to the top of the last peak, continue with single crochets down the square until you reach the valley ( were 3 squares meet. Single crochet together the last stitch of the square you are working on and the first stitch of the next square coming back up. (See photo below.)

Single crochet all stitches. Single crochet in all 55 chain stitches of the handle, catching in one loop only. Repeat this pattern until the end of the row. (The section of squares between each handle will remain unworked for now.) 

Rd 2: Repeat row 1, as before, sc together the last and first stitches of the squares in the valley. In this round you will also sc together the last stitch of the peak of the square and first stitch of the handle. Single crochet all the way around (over both handles and all of the squares worked in the previous round.)

Rd 3: Slip stitch through all stitches of the previous round, break yarn. 

Previously unworked section and other side of handles:

Rd 1: Attach yarn to unworked section at the top of peak where handle meets the square. Repeat as before. Single crochet around all unworked stitches, Sc together in valleys of bag and sc all stitches of handle (working in both loops of other side of starting chains).

Rd 2: Repeat round 1, sc around all stitches.

Rd: 3: Slip stitch into all sc of previous round. Repeat all steps for other unworked section and handle. Break yarn and finish all loose ends. 

Part 3 in this series is the matching Spring hat using the flowers and a modified version of the square. Hoping to post this pattern before the end of this week. 


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