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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Easy Granny Square with Center Flower

Part 1: The flower and square

This is a simple granny square measures about 5 X 5 inches. The center flower is about 2 inches in diameter. used a medium worsted weight yarn and a H hook. The flower consists of single crochet center and 8 popcorn stitches making up the pedals. I wanted a square small enough to be used in several projects, with the flower being the center piece. After making a large number a small flowers, I chose this simple popcorn flower because I love the way in stands above the square and adds a lot of dimension to the finished product. By itself it is small and plain but using it in conjunction with the square, it really pops. 

Special Stitches
Beginning popcorn: Chain 3, wk 4 dc into same stitch. Drop the loop from hook, insert hook from front to back into top of chain 3. Pick up the dropped loop. Yarn over and draw through all loops on hook. 
Popcorn: 5 dc into same space. Drop loop, insert hook from front to back into top of first dc. Pick up dropped loop, yarn over and draw through all loops on hook.
Helpful hint. Since there are a lot of color changes, it is helpful to work over as many loose ends as possible to cut down on the number of ends that need to be worked in later. 
Insert hook from front to back into first  stitch

The Flower:
For the center I chose yellow and worked the pedals in a different color.
Rd 1: (center) Like any project worked in the round, there are several ways to work this round. Choose the one you prefer. Work either 8 sc into a magic loop, slip stitch into first sc. 
2nd method: Chain 4 slip stitch into first chain. Chain 1 and sc 8 into ring. Slip stitch  to top of first sc.                           
3rd method: Chain 2, work 8 sc into 2nd chain from hook, slip stitch to first sc. Fasten off or change color for pedal  round. 
Finished Center

Rd 2: (pedals) I prefer to fasten off and start joining the new color with a sc to any sc of the first rd. This gives this flower a neater finish. (You can also with alternating color chain 1, sc into first sc.) Chain 3, sc into next stitch, chain 3, sc into next stitch. Repeat until you have 8 chain 3 loops. Slip stitch into first sc and into first chain 3 loop. 8 chain 3 loops.

Rd 3: Work beginning popcorn (see top), chain 1, into next chain work popcorn (see top), chain 1. work popcorn, ch 1 into each remaining chain. Slip stitch to the top of chain 3 of beginning pedal. Fasten off. 8 pedals made.

Back of pedals

Finished Flower

Working the square:
Rd 1: I used mint green for this round. With sc attach yarn to any chain one space between pedals. Chain 3, sc into chain 1 space of next pedal. Repeat for a total of 8 chain 3 loops. Slip stitch into first loop made. 8 chain 3 loops total.

Rd 2: Chain 3, 2 dc into same space. Chain 1, in next chain 3 loop work corner (triple crochet, chain 1, triple crochet, chain 1, triple crochet), chain 1. In next chain 3 loop work 3 dc cluster, chain 1. repeat corners, chain 1 and clusters,chain 1 (ending with corner, chain 1) Slip stitch into top of beginning chain 3 space. Fasten off. 4 leaf corners and 4 clusters made. 

Rd 3: With color of your choice (I used white) attach with slip stitch to any chain 1 space between corner leaf and first cluster of previous rd. Chain 3, 2 dc into same space. (Beginning cluster made)

Work cluster into next ch 1 space. (Skip next triple crochet and chain 1 space). Into center triple crochet of previous round, work corner (3 dc, chain 2, 3 dc). Into next chain 1 space between leaf and cluster of previous rd (skip next sc and triple crochet), work 3 dc cluster, work cluster into next chain space, work corner into next center triple crochet. Repeat pattern for end of round. Slip stitch to top of beginning chain 3. 8 clusters and 4 corners made.

Rd 4: Slip stitch into next 2 dc and into next space. Work as for previous rd. Clusters into spaces between clusters and corners into ch 2 corner spaces. Slip stitch to top of beginning chain 3. 12 clusters and 4 corners made. Fasten off.  (If you would like to make a bigger square continue rounds in this manner until square is desired size.)

Rd: 5 Using contrasting color (I used an ombre yarn matching the colors of my flowers) attach with sc to any corner space,(leaving a long tail to stitch squares together). sc in corner and in each stitch across, with 3 sc in each corner space. In last corner space work 1 sc, slip stitch to top of first sc. Fasten off, leaving long tail for attaching squares. 

Like any granny square, this square can be used for a lot of projects. I think this would make a very pretty afghan. I have already worked it into a cute summer hat and I am currently working on making a matching Tote or Shoulder bag. Will post the patterns very soon. I am in the process of assembling the Tote. Need to rework the hat. When I did my original calculations, I forgot to take the dept of the circle into account. This hat comes down to my eyes. Live and learn! 

Omitted last 2 rounds of the square. This hat has a total of 6 squares. 

Close up of the flower in the hat. 

Since these are my original patterns, please don't claim as your own. You have my permission to post the patterns on your Blog or Website as long as you link back to my Blog, giving me credit as the designer and original source. 


  1. The pictures clearly depict the hard work of granny. I will see if I can learn some stitches from my granny too. Would love to weave a sweater for me. Nice post!

  2. Good to see how the simplest of things could be so wonderful. Thank you for sharing this hack and hopefully I’ll be able to weave something of the sort. Lots of love!

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