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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Lacy Crochet Bow with Center Flower

Can you tell I love bows? Not only are bows very pretty, they are also a very versatile accessory. They can be attached to brooch pins, hair clips or sewn on, to add instant flair to any project. Someone posted a photo  of a bow on one of the crochet Facebook pages I like. Other than a few photos and Chinese symbols, there were no directions on how to make it. I liked the lacy look of this bow and after studying the photos, I had a pretty good idea of how it was made. 

This is a very easy pattern. The body of the bow consists of chain spaces and the flower is simple. One layer with 6 pedals. I used Caron Simply Soft and a size H hook. The Chinese version was made with 2 strands of fine crochet thread. My finished bow measures 5 inches by 2 inches.  I haven't tried making this bow with bulkier worsted weight yarn. I like the dainty look of the finer yarn because it gives it more of a lacy look. 

This bow is worked in the round.
Chain 60, slip stitch to the first chain, being careful not to twist the chain. 
Rd 1: Chain 3, skip 2 chains, slip stitch into 3rd chain. Repeat till the end of round, slip stitch in to first stitch.

Rd 2: I worked the rest of this bow in one continues round, using the starting tail as my guide to the end of my rounds. You can also mark the first loop with a piece of yarn. Chain 3, slip stitch into first loop. Chain 3, slip stitch into next loop. Continue in this manner until your bow is the with you need. Mine was 2 inches without the border. Fasten off.

Border: With contrasting color, attach yarn with single crochet to any chain 3 space of the last round. If you don't now how to attach with single crochet, attach yarn into center of chain, chain 1, sc in same space.

Chain 3, double crochet into the the sc you just made.

Chain 3, single crochet into next ch 3 space. Double crochet into sc just made, chain 3, sc into next space. Continue to the end of round, slip stitch into first sc. Fasten off.

Now working on opposite side of bow (60 starting chain). Attach yarn with sc to any slip stitch of the first row. Do not crochet into the spaces. Work the same as for other side only this time you crochet into the slip stitches of the first round. Fasten off, work in ends.

I like to tri- fold my bows and stitch the center so it will hold it's shape. Fold bow in half and fold top and bottom edge of the bow to the fold in the center.

To make the center piece of the bow: Chain 16, sc in 2nd chain from hook and into each stitch to end of row. Chain 1, turn. Sc in each stitch across. Fasten off, leaving a longer tail. Attach enter to bow, slip stitch closed in center of back. 

Flower: Rd 1, for center of flower, chain 4 and slip stitch to first chain or into magic ring work 16 dc. First chain 3 + 15 dc. Slip stitch to top of chain 3. Fasten off.

Rd 2: With contrasting color attach with sc to any dc of previous round. Chain 4, skip 2 dc, sc into next, chain 4 skip next 2 dc, sc into next. Continue till end of round, slip stitch to first sc. 6 chain 4 loops. 

Rd 3: Chain 1, sc into first loop, 1 hdc, 2 dc, 1 triple crochet, 2 dc, 1 hdc, 1 sc into same loop. (first pedal made.), sc into next loop and repeat as for 1st loop. Make 4 more pedals, slip stitch to first sc. Fasten off. 

Work in ends, leaving one tail for attaching flower to bow. Center flower to center of bow and sew in place. 

The size of this bow can be easily changed by adding more sc to round 1 in multiples of 3 and adding more rounds to the bow. 


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