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Monday, March 4, 2013

Update to the Don't eat the Daisy's Pattern

Marianne was kind enough to point out an error in the diaper cover pattern. I omitted line 3. I have since corrected the mistake. The pattern itself was correct, I had a slight slip in the numeration of the lines and didn't catch it when I was proofing it. Sorry if this has inconvenienced any of you.

I also forgot to include my stitch gauge for the patterns. For items I crochet a lot, like hats and baby items. I stick with the same brand of yarn. This eliminates the need for me to do a gauge because I know, how many increase rows I need to work, to get the correct size for a hat. Same with baby shoes. Working them all with the same brand of yarn not only eliminates the gauge, it also ensures the correct size every time. The gauge is now also added to the pattern.

If you enjoy this project and have a picture to share, please click on the link at the top and share with my Facebook group. I would love to see how your projects turned out. I am working hard to make both my Blog and Facebook page a fun place for all of my crocheting friends. Stay up-to date on new patterns, techniques, share your projects and get help if needed by liking the page.

I am currently working on several cute projects to post. Have so many ideas and can't wait until they are done. Look for the unisex Bunny and Ladybug versions of this set to post very soon. Thank you all for visiting and looking forward to seeing you all again.


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