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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dino Tales, Earflap Hat Pattern

This hat came about because of another unfinished project. A few months ago I started a Dino hat. The spines where crochet individually, as little cones. I hated making and attaching those tight little cones and did't see another Dino or Dragon hat in my future. Standing in line at a store last week, I noticed a little boy wearing a a cute Dragon hat. The spine was constructed in one piece. I like this idea much better. After a little experimentation, I came up with this version. It's much easier to crochet and sew to a hat, than the individual cones.
This pattern can easily be adjusted to fit any size hat. I am quite pleased with the results. The large spines are made using 6 single crochets and the small spines are made with 4 single crochets. I made two hats in different sizes. Using the first one as a guide, I adjusted the pattern by subtracting one small spine. Allowing one single crochet per row of double crochets or one single crochet for 2 rows of half double crochets, it's easy to adjust the pattern either way. By changing the size of a scale, adding a small or a large one, I can adjust in 2, 4 and 6 stitch increments.


Earflap Hat Pattern   

This hat is worked with half double crochets to fit size 18 - 24 months. If you prefer to crochet with double crochets, make sure the dimensions of your hat are approximately the same as mine, or adjust the number of chains for your spine accordingly. 

My hat measures 16 inches in diameter and is 7 inches deep. The tail of my hat measures approximately 8 inches.

I used  close to a half a skein of  Hobby Lobby's I Love this Yarn for the main color and less than 1/4 of a skein in the coordinating color. My hat is done in Neon Green and Neon orange but these colors are currently not available. I used a size I - 5.5 mm hook.
Stitch gauge for 4 inch square: 14 stitches across and 10 rows deep.
Small amounts of Polyfill to stuff the scales
Large embroidery needle to work in ends and attach scales and ears.

Stitches used: ch, sc and hdc.
Special stitches used:  Hdc tog. (To hdc tog: Yarn over, insert hook into first stitch, pull up a loop, insert hook into next stitch, pull up a loop (5 loops on hook), pull through all 5 loops on hook).

Body of the hat:

The hat is worked in continues rounds, use stitch marker to mark the end or beginning of rounds.   
Rd 1: With MC use your preferred method. I did 8 hdc in magic ring. You can also ch 4, slip stitch, chain 2 and 8 hdc into ring. Do not slip stitch, work next round continuously. (8 hdc)
Rd 2: 2 hdc into each stitch (16 hdc)
Rd 3: *Hdc into first st, 2 hdc into next st*. Repeat *-* for the end of round. (24 hdc)
Rd 4: *Hdc into first 2 st's, 2 hdc in next stitch*. Repeat *-* for the end of round. (32 hdc)
Rd 5: *Hdc into first 3 st's, 2 hdc in next stitch*. Repeat *-* for the end of round. (40 hdc)
Rd 6: *Hdc into first 4 st's, 2 hdc in next stitch*. Repeat *-* for the end of round. (48 hdc)
Rd 7: *Hdc into first 5 st's, 2 hdc in next stitch*. Repeat *-* for the end of round. (54 hdc)
My flat circle now measures 5 1/2 inches in diameter. If your work is done to the correct gauge, it should measure the same. I am now done making increase rounds and the rest of my rows are worked with 54 hdc per row. 
Rd 8 - 17: Hdc into each stitch. (54 hdc) Do not break yarn. At the end of row 17, ch 2 turn.

Rd 1: Work 12 hdc into next 12 stitches, ch 2, turn (12 hdc)
Rd 2: Work hdc into each stitch, ch 2, turn (12 hdc)
Rd 3 - 4: Repeat rd 2, 
Rd 5: Hdc tog. first 2 stitches, hdc into each of the next 8, hdc tog. last 2 stitches. Ch 2, turn. (10 hdc)
Rd 6: Hdc tog. first 2 stitches, hdc into each of the next 6, hdc tog. last 2 stitches. Ch 2, turn. (8 hdc)
Rd 7: Hdc tog. first 2 stitches, hdc into each of the next 4, hdc tog. last 2 stitches. Ch 2, turn. (6 hdc)
Rd 8: Hdc tog. first 2 stitches, hdc into each of the next 2, hdc tog. last 2 stitches. Ch 2, turn. (4 hdc)
Rd 9: Hdc tog. first and last 2 stitches, break yarn. 

For second earflap. On right side of hat, skipping 12 stitches to left edge of completed earflap, attach yarn into 13th stitch. (see photo below)

Skip 12 hdc's, attach yarn into the 13th stitch.

Rd 1: Chain 2, hdc into same stitch and into next 11 stitches. (12 hdc)
Rd 2 - 9: Repeat as for first earflap. Finnish off, break yarn.

Working on right side and back of hat (skipped 12 hdc's), skip 2 hdc's on the left edge of first earflap worked. (See photo below.)

Insert hook into the 3rd stitch.

Rd 1: Attach yarn into 3rd hdc, ch 2, hdc into same st and each of the next 7 st's. Ch 2, turn. (8 hdc)
Rd 2: Hdc into each stitch across. (8 hdc)
Rd 3 - 18: Repeat rd 2, ch 2, turn (8 hdc)
Rd 19: Hdc tog. first 2 stitches, hdc into each of the next 4, hdc tog. last 2 stitches. (6 hdc)
Rd 20: Hdc tog. first 2 stitches, hdc into each of the next 2, hdc tog. last 2 stitches. (4 hdc)
Rd 21: Hdc tog. first 2 and last 2 stitches, finish off, break yarn. (2 hdc)

Edging: Starting on the front edge, I attached yarn at the first stitch next to the right earflap. To imitate scales, I worked a large shell over the front of the hat and small shells over the rest. Including ear flaps and tail. Or  use any edging you prefer. 
Large Shell: *Sc into first stitch, skip next stitch, 5 dc's into next stitch, skip  next stitch*, repeat from *-*. 
Small Shell: *Sc into first stitch, skip next stitch, 5 hdc into next stitch, skip next stitch*, repeat *-* around. 

Special stitch: sc tog.: Insert hook into first st, draw up a loop, insert hook into next stitch, draw up a loop, yarn over, draw through all loops on hook.

The scales are worked as one piece. (Make 2)
Rd 1: With CC (I used Neon Orange) Chain 65. Sc in 2nd ch from hook and each chain across. (64 sc)
Rd 2: On this round each scale is worked individually, in rows.
         The large scale is worked as follows: sc into each of the next 6 st's. Ch 1, turn (6 sc)
        * Work 6 sc into each st. ch 1, turn (6 sc)
         sc tog. first 2 stitches, sc into each of the next 2, sc tog. last 2 stitches, ch 1, turn (4 sc)
         sc tog. first 2 and last 2 stitches, ch 1 turn (2 sc)
         sc in each of the next 2 stitches, do not break yarn.
         Make 3 sc down the side of the scale, make a 2nd sc into the 6th sc of the base row*  (first 6 sc row of the scale just made)
work a sc into next 6 hdc's and repeat from *-* to complete next scale. Repeat steps until you have a total of 8 large scales. 

Work sc's down the side of the scale just made

At this point you should have a total of 16 hdc's unworked. 
To make small scales: 1 sc in each of the next 4 stitches. ch 1, turn (4 sc)
                                  Sc tog. first 2 and last 2 stitches, ch 1, turn  (2 sc)
                                  Sc tog. remaining 2 stitches, do not break yarn,
                                  make 2 sc down side of scale just completed. Sc again into first sc of  base row for scale. Repeat small scale 3 more times. Finish off, break yarn.

This is how your finished scales should look.
Matching up small and large scales, whip stitch ends and scales of both pieces together, leaving long bottom edge of scales unworked. Fill each scale with small amounts of Polyfill. Slip stitch opening at bottom edge and attach to center of hat and tail.

After whip stitching both pieces of the spine together, stuff lightly and whip stitch  bottom
edge closed.

To find the center line, fold hat in half, matching earflaps. Pin or bast in place. Whip stitch spine to hat.

Use a smaller hook to work ears. I used a size F-3.75 mm hook. It produces a stiffer fabric and eliminates unsightly holes, left by a bigger hook. Work 2 pieces in MC and 2 pieces in CC of your choice. 

Rd 1: Ch 7, sc in 2nd ch from hook and each st around. Ch 1, turn. (6 sc)
Rd 2: Sc into first and each stitch around, ch 1, turn. (6 sc)
Rd 3 - 7: repeat round 2
Rd 8: Sc tog. first 2 stitches, sc in each of next 2, sc tog. last 2 stitches, ch 1, turn. (4 sc)
Rd 9: Sc tog. first 2 stitches and last 2 stitches, ch 1, turn. (2 sc)
Rd 10: Sc tog. remaining 2 stitches. Fasten off, leaving long tail for sewing.

Holding wrong sides together, whip stitch 1 MC and one CC together. When attaching folded ear, I found it easier for me to fold the ear and stitch together before attaching it to the hat.

For folded ears, fold in half and run a few stitches through the bottom edge. 

Attach ears, work in any remaining loose ends. Have fun accessorizing you hat. As you can see, I had a a lot of fun with mine.  

 Let your imagination go wild. This is the final, Deluxe version of  the first one I made. 

This pattern and photos are my originals. They are not to be posted or reproduced without my consent. You may use your finished product for any purpose. If you wish to share this pattern, please provide a link back to this Blog.


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