Creating Beautiful Things in Life: How to Crochet, Stitch Variations and Working in Rounds (Tutorial)

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Friday, August 3, 2012

How to Crochet, Stitch Variations and Working in Rounds (Tutorial)

Learn to Crochet - Stitch Variations

Most crochet stitch patterns, no matter how complex they seem, are made using combinations of basic stitches. Different effects can be created by small variations in the stitch making procedure or by varying the position and manner of inserting the hook into the fabric.
Note: Many patterns refer to certain groups of stitches in the instructions, but be careful—"bobble", "cluster", "shell", etc., may not mean the same thing from pattern to pattern. Always read the instructions to see what the designer means by a term!

Learn to Crochet - Working in Rounds

Most motifs are not worked in rows but are worked in rounds from the center out. Unless otherwise stated in the pattern instructions, do not turn the work between rounds but continue with the same side facing and treat this as the right side of the fabric. The center ring is usually formed by a number of chains joined together with a slip stitch to form a ring.
(1) Insert the hook into the first chain made.
(2) Make a slip stitch to join the chains into a ring.
At the beginning of each round, one or more chain(s) can be worked to match the height of the following stitches—this is equal to a turning chain
(3) When working in double crochet, three starting chains are required.
(4) The stitches of the first round are worked by inserting the hook into the empty circle space at the center of the ring. Sometimes the first round is worked into the first chain—the pattern will specify how to form the first round. 
(5) When each round is complete, insert the hook into the top of the chain or stitch at the beginning of the round and make a slip stitch to close the round.
(6) When working the second and subsequent rounds, unless otherwise stated, insert the hook under the two top loops of the stitches in the previous round.
After joining the final round with a slip stitch, fasten off by making one chain, then cutting the yarn and drawing the end through. Pull gently to tighten and form a knot.


  1. Is it possible to give a video tutorial or any pictorial, I really love crochet and want to learn though it seems quite tough. another question, I found this Crochet Hook Set in amazon, is it good idea to buy this?? is it good for price?

    1. Hello there,im a first timer of making crochet and im watching of crochet site.its nice and easy to follow.

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